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This is our story

In early 2019 Stewart Rose Farms was created by cousins Steve & Bonnie, with a mission of preserving the family farm while at the same time moving it into the 21st century.

Named after the farms patriarch and his mother, the cousins realized what they had learned from them – the value of hard work, an honest say-it-like-it-is ethic, while maintaining a benevolent heart.

Run by family and friends, alongside experts in the field of hemp production, our primary focus is to be the preeminent hemp farm in Vermont; focusing on sustainability, social responsibility and products that surpass current expectations and standards.


 Stewart Farm Rose

Watch Us Grow

Stewart Rose Farms is a 280-acre farm in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont. Renovations began on the 125-year-old farm house and conversion of the horse barn began in late 2018.

This year, in early April, we will be growing our first plants in our barn nursery. In late-Spring we will be starting our field crops. Follow us on Instagram and watch us grow!