Grand Daddy Purple Oil


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Grand Daddy Purple Terpene Blend

The Grandaddy Purple is the wise result of our Suver Haze strain.  Named for its rich purple blooms, we take everything your granddaddy taught you and bottle it up in a perfect oil that treats with you the love you’ve come to expect from our oils.  Grandaddy Purple will tuck you in at night with a chill bedtime story.  You’ll look forward to a visit from Grandaddy every night before bed!

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15 ML Bottle, 30 ML Bottle, 60 ML Bottle

Lab Analysis

Suver Haze Oil


Terpenes present in Granddaddy Purple:

Humulene – A breath of hops and grounding earthiness.

Beta-caryophyllene – A hint of clove and pepper. 

Linalool – A touch of a floral finish.

Myrcene is the dominant terpene here with it’s energizing clove and lemongrass notes.

Pinene – An energizing dash of pine.

Limonene – A bright burst of citrus.