Cantaloupe Haze Oil


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Lifter Cantaloupe Haze Terpene Blend

Don’t let the day grind you down! Our delicious Lifter Cantaloupe Haze with its sweet melon and citrus flavors derived from tasty terpenes will transport you to a sunnier time.  A time when your inbox wasn’t full.  So take a break and get to work!

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15 ML Bottle, 30 ML Bottle, 60 ML Bottle

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Terpenes present in Cantaloupe Haze:

Myrcene is the dominant terpene here with it’s energizing clove and lemongrass notes.  Beta-caryophyllene – A hint of clove and pepper.  

Ocimene – Sweet mango notes.

Humulene – A breath of hops and grounding earthiness.

Pinene – An energizing dash of pine.

Limonene – A bright burst of citrus.

Linalool – A touch of a floral finish.